Edwin Foden   SQUIRES

Edwin was the eldest son of James & Charlotte Foden SQUIRES, having two younger brothers and, very briefly, a younger sister.

Although Edwin broke the family link with the Greatheed family he still became a much respected member of the local community through his work, military, and sporting interests.

Clearly Edwin was well educated and instead of manual outdoor work he turned to the more academic life, working in bookshops and banks, benefitting from the wealth created by the hard work and efforts of his father and grandfather.


Edwin, was born at Sydney Terrace, Milverton on 6 October 1841 and was baptised on 8 November 1841, at St James, Old Milverton. He is our direct ancestor.


Edwin married first Elizabeth BURTON, from nearby Emscote, at her local church of All Saints, on 11 October 1866. Photograph


Edwin and Elizabeth had one son:

1867   Charles Dunlop

Sadly, Elizabeth died in 1874, aged only 28. The following year Edwin married his second wife, the widow Emma Agnes PIPE (nee BALDOCK).

Emma, from Marylebone, London, married Edwin at Whitefield's Memorial Church, Camden on 3 November 1875.


Edwin had no further children of his own, but became step-father to Emma's two children Walter and (Sarah) Alice.

Banker's Clerk living with parents at Rock House, Milverton 1861age 19
Banker's Clerk on marriage to Elizabeth, living in Milverton 1866age 25
Manager & Clerk living at 4 Belle View Terrace, Milverton with Elizabeth and son Charles 1871age 29
Outfitters manager living with second wife Emma at 20 George Street,Marylebone, London 1875 age 34
Bank Agent, book seller and stationer living in High Street, Southam with Emma, Walter and Alice 1881age 39
Banker's Clerk living at 46 Rugby Road, Milverton, with Emma & Alice 1891age 49
Bank Manager living at 76 High Street, Southam with Emma & Alice 1901age 59
Bank Manager for Lloyd's Bank in High Street, Southam 1904age 62
Retired 1907age 65
On Parish Council 1908/10age 66/8
Member of the Southam Parish Council 1908age 67


Edwin retired as a Bank Manager in 1907, aged 65.

In 1911 was living in Myneholme, Southam with Emma and Sarah.

In 1912 he is recorded In Kelly's as living at Appendix Street (now Pendicke Street), Southam.


Edwin's commitment to the local community and the due regard in which he was held is best summed up by his Obituary in the local press

"During his long service at the bank he acquired many friends, and it would be difficult to mention any institution for the good of the town with which he was not in some way connected, dating back from the early days of the Fire Brigade of which he was popularly known as the "Father".

He was one of the first members of the Court Craven Foresters and for some years previous to his death had acted as permanent secretary to the Loyal Thorpe Lodge (Oddfellows), and was also one of the Directors of the Building Society.

He also took a great interest in the Cricket Club, of which for some time he was secretary.

He was one of the originators of the Warwick Boat Club, and possessed many trophies and medals for rowing as well as shooting, for he was an ardent Volunteer. He received his long service medal in 1895, and at the time of his death belonged to the National Reserve."

Edwin was a member of Southam Parish Council, and also Hon Secretary and Quartermaster Sergeant for the Tenth Warwickshire Rifles

Studio portrait of Edwin Squires dated between 1869-1874.
The woman is, we believe,
Elizabeth (nee Burton),
Edwin's first wife.

Elizabeth (nee Burton)
Wife of
Edwin Foden Squires

Edwin Foden & Emma Agnes Squires
Southam Parish Church

Lloyds Bank, Southam
Edwin Foden Squires, Manager 1904

Articles in the Leamington Spa Courier:
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  • Marriage Announcement - 20 Oct 1866
  • The Leamington Boat Club - 4 May 1867
  • Leamington Cricket Club - 25 March 1871
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  • Tenth W.R.V. - 29 May 1875
  • Leamington and Warwick Excelsior Rowing Club - 30 Oct 1875
  • Public Establishments, Tenth Warwickshire Rifles - 15 Jan 1878
  • Agents for the Courier - 25 Jan 1879
  • Obituary - 20 Sep 1912

Details to be added later


Edwin died on 13 September 1912 in Southam aged 71.

The lengthy obituary in the Leamington Spa Courier, above, described him as "very highly respected in Southam and neighbourhood, where the news of his death was received with general regret".

His funeral on the 17 September "was most impressive". The coffin which was preceded by members of the National Reserve, under the command of Major Glover and Sergeant Coles, was carried from the house to the church by six members of the old Fire Brigade, afterwards by six of the Oddfellows, and from the church to the grave by the Foresters.

Probate was granted 23 Oct 1912 to Emma his widow and Henry Englebert Hake, Gentleman. Effects £1781 4s 3d, Resworn £1644 8s 6d.

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