William's    Ancestors


Whilst we have a good insight into the life of William SQUIRES and his family, it is a different story when it comes to his ancestors. Our research indicates that the SQUIRES family go back to at least the early 1600s in the Warwick area and became an established local family.

Although it becomes more difficult to prove their ancestral trail the further back in time we go, available official records from St. Mary's, Warwick, and our discussions with an experienced genealogical researcher do suggest that the line we have followed is a very reasonable assumption.

However we are aware of alternative versions by other researchers and, in particular, another ancestral tree for John (I) SQUIRES & Mary OWEN's ancestors but have reservations as to their validity.

John (IV) SQUIRES (c1621-   )

The earliest ancestor we can record is John (IV) SQUIRES, baptised in St. Mary's, Warwick and born around 1621, who had a son, John (III).

John (III) SQUIRES (c1652-   )

John (III) was baptised on 21 December 1652

and married Joanne MOORE on 13 April 1673 in St. Mary's, Warwick.

Records indicate they had around 8 children, their youngest child was also named John (II).

John (II) SQUIRES (c1689-   )

Records for St. Mary's indicate that John (II) was baptised in 1689 and married Mary POOLL on 29 January 1712.

They had five children, John (I) being the eldest born around 1719. Their first born son was also been named John but he had died in infancy.

John (II) died on 17 March 1750

just as our William was born a week later.

John (1) SQUIRES (c1719-   )

John (I) was baptised on 13 December 1719 in St. Mary's, Warwick

and, on 5 October 1747, he married Mary OWEN also in St. Mary's, Warwick.

John (I) was from an agricultural background and worked on the land as a gardener.

John & Mary had nine children, though, as was common at this time, several didn't survive beyond childhood.

William was their third son born 24 March 1750.

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