Ann Squires

Unfortunately, we have been unable, so far, to identify conclusively either a marriage or a maiden name for Ann.

We do know however, from the records available, that Ann spent over 30 years, i.e. most of her working life, in the service of the GREATHEED family at Guy's Cliffe as housekeeper.

Ann died on 26 June 1805, aged 60 years, and was buried three days later in St. James' Parish Churchyard, Old Milverton.

There is a fitting epitaph to her years of service to the GREATHEED family on her gravestone. Two hundred years of weathering has made the epitaph unreadable, but fortunately, it was recorded before the stone deteriorated.

Wig Powder

During the 18th Century powdered wigs became essential for full dress occasions, and this included high status servant roles such as housekeeper. It was also essential to use hair powder on wigs to keep them "fragrant"

By the late 18th century, the trend was dying out in Britain particularly after William Pitt levied a tax on hair powder in 1795.

Everyone wishing to use hair powder had to register and purchase an annual certificate which cost one guinea.

Records for 3 June 1795 show Ann purchasing a certificate at the same time as Bertie Greatheed and his wife. However it is possible, and likely that Ann purchased all three herself on their behalf.