James, from whom we are descended, was the youngest son of William and Catherine SQUIRES and was to benefit from the wealth and standing in the community that William had achieved.

He married Charlotte Foden BALDOCK and together had four children and lived most of their life at Rock House next to Rock Mills in Milverton. Unlike his father and elder brother Samuel, he did not follow them into service with the Greatheed family until late in life, but instead became a successful farmer and miller at Rock Mills.

However he did follow the family tradition within the community by becoming a member of The Local Board, Poor Law Union, a churchwarden, juror, and latterly a steward at Guy's Cliffe to Lady Percy.


James, was the youngest child of William and Catherine and was baptised at St. James, Old Milverton on 13 April 1814 and he is our direct ancestor.


He married Charlote BALDOCK from Sibson, Leicestershire, in Milverton, on 26 July 1838.


James and Charlotte had four children:

1841    Edwin Foden
1846    Stephen George
1857    Katherine
1863    James Herbert

Sadly, as with his parents, there was tragedy in the family, with their only daughter Katherine, surviving only a few weeks.

We think that these two photgraphs could be of
Charlotte and James c 1864/65

Miller in Milverton, living with Charlotte in Sidney Terrace 1841age 27
Corn Miller living at   Rock Mills 1850age 36
Miller and master of 2 men living at Rock Mills with Charlotte, Edwin, James H and Stephen 1851age 37
Farmer & Miller (145 Acres), employing 6 men & 2 boys, living at Rock House with Charlotte, Edwin and Stephen 1861 age 47
Farmer 1866age 52
Farmer of 122 Acres, employing 4 men & 1 boy, living at Rock Mills with Charlotte & James Herbert 1871age 57
Founder member of the local Board 1874age 60
Churchwarden 1880age 66
Farmer of 170 Acres, employing 4 lab & 1 boy, living in Milverton with Charlotte, James H and his Grandson Charles Dunlop Squires 1881age 67


At the age of 50, James continued as a farmer but he retired as a Miller and held an auction of his business equipment and animals. The Leamington Spa Courier had the following advertisement on Saturday, 12 March 1864:

Emscote, near Warwick
To be sold by Auction by John Staite

On TUESDAY, March 29, 1864, upon the premises, at the Rock Mill, by the direction of Mr James Squires, who is giving up the Millering business:

The valuable team of MILL HORSES, with their Tackle; Carts and Half-bred Colts and Fillies; Cow and Pig Stock, Mill Carts, Trap, Carriage, &c; also a portion of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and various other Effects,
of which full details will duly appear.


James and Charlotte lived in Milverton and for a good part of their lives at Rock House, an imposing building built next to Rock Mills where he was a corn miller. James also farmed up to 170 acres employing, at one time, 6 men and 2 boys.

Like his father, William, he became a Churchwarden and a Juror, and late in life followed in the footsteps of his father and brother, as Steward to Lady Percy at Guy's Cliffe, who together recorded over 100 years of family service to the Greatheed family.

James upheld the family's continued standing within the Milverton community and is recorded in local, trade and town directories. He was a founder member of the Milverton Local Board and a member of the Warwick Union Poor Law Guardians representing Milverton.


The Leamington Spa Courier had the following report on Saturday, 27 July 1844:

An inquest was held on Tuesday last, at the Railroad Tavern, Milverton, before the Deputy Coroner, Mr JOHN SMITH, upon the view of the bodies of William Wilbraham Beville and Granville Reresby Beville, sons of Captain Beville of Emscote, near this town. It appeared from the evidence of James Squires of the Rock Mills, that about seven o'clock on Monday night last, he saw the two brothers, who asked him to allow them to fish in the Avon, but he refused, on account of the lateness of the hour, telling them to come again on the morrow, anmd he would cast a net for them. They then went away.

In the following morning, Captain Beville proceeded to the witness's house, about half-past two, and said he had lost his children, and then went away. The Captain and Mrs Beville again went to the mill about five o'clock, and enquired as to the unfortunate children, when witness suggested he draw off the water, which having been done, the bodies were found about five yards from the bank, and distant from each other from ten to twelve yards. There were no marks of violence upon the bodies. The deceased children were aged, one 9 and the other 12 years.

The Jury returned a verdict of " Found Drowned"

There was an interesting event reported in the local press referring to James in 1867 which involved a run-away cart and horse........

"On Monday last, whilst a horse and cart, belonging to Mr. Squires, Rock Mills, was being driven along the Coventry-road, the animal took fright, and started off at a rapid pace, and proceeded up Smith-street, where it came in contact with a railway van which suddenly put a stop to its wild career. The driver was thrown out of the cart and greatly bruised."

Leamington Spa Courier Saturday 27 July 1867


James died, aged 72, on 11 April 1886, in Milverton; his death being recorded in the Leamington Spa Courier in the obituaries and well as in a report from the Milverton Local Board.

His Will recorded Effects of almost £700, to his widow Charlotte, who survived for a further 12 years.

In turn, when Charlotte died on 31 December 1898, her Will left all personal and real estate, which was valued at £445, to her two sons, Edwin (Bank Agent) & Stephen (retired Bank Manager), and refers to Public Stock Funds, Government Securities, and stocks of the Bank of England, which further indicated the wealth as well as the standing of the family within the community.

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